Cold & Hot Subs

8" $7.99      12" $9.99

All subs served with lettuce, tomato, and mayo

All subs are served with chips, substitute fries for $0.99

                 Cold                                                                                                                      Hot

Ham & Cheese                                                                                                 Meatball with Cheese

Ham, Salami, & Cheese                                                                                Sausage with Cheese

Turkey & Cheese                                                                                            Chicken Parm. Sub

Tuna Fish                                                                                                          Buffalo Chicken Sub

Chicken Salad Sub                                                                                        Eggplant Parmigiana

Roast Beef Sub                                                                                               Pizza Sub

Italian Sub

Club Sub


From the Grill

8" $8.99       12" $10.99


All Wraps Served with a Small Salad